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Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar
August 02
00:55 2014

Nasi Kandar is synonymous with Penang as this is where this famous meal originates from. The interesting part about Nasi Kandar is that it is not a stand alone dish, but rather a whole sub-set of the Indian-Muslim cuisine in Malaysia.

The Nasi Kandar is basically rice served with a host of curries, meat vegetables and other side dishes. What sets a plate of the tantalizing Nasi Kandar apart from other rice dishes is the curries. Yes, curries, lots and lots of curries. Here’s is tip for the untrained when ordering Nasi Kandar ask for ‘kari campur’, which means a combination of the various curries on their menu. You will experience an explosion of taste unlike any curry you have enjoyed before.

The curries served are thicken, fish, prawn, squid and beef, with the occasional crab and fish roe, as well as the popular non-spiry lamb kurma. Prices range from RM5.00 to above RM10.00 per plate depending on your order of the dishes. Since it is often sold in restaurants own by Muslims, Nasi Kandar is a halal dish.

  • Line Clear Nasi Kandar
    Jalan Penang, Pulau Pinang (Google Map)
    Business hour: 24 hours
    Contact: 6016-488 9458
  • Kassim Nasi Kandar
    14, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang(Google Map)
    Business hour: 7am-11pm
    Contact: 6016-434 7788
  • Nasi Beratur Store
    98 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Penang (Google Map)
    Business hour: 10pm-9am
  • Kapitan
    93, Lebuh Chulia, Penang(Google Map)
    Business hour: 24 hours
    Contact: +604-264 1191

    Restaurant Kassim Mustafa
    No. 12, Lebuh Chulia, 10300, George Town, Pulau Pinang (Google Map)
    Business hour: 8am till 1pm


  • Hameediyah Restaurant
    164, Lebuh Campbell, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang (Google Map)
    Business hour: 11am-11pm
    Contact: +604-261 1095
  • Restaurant Tajuddin Hussain
    51 Lebuh Queen, Georgetown, 10200 Pulau Pinang (Google Map)
    Business hour: 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm
    Contact: +604-262 5367


Nasi Kandar - overview
4.75 Excellent

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